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wydawnictwo: WILEY , rok wydania 2008, wydanie I

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This book is really practical guide to protecting IP in china. It manages to provide a wealth of useful information presented in an interesting and user-friendly way. Whatever the extent of your experience in China, I'll bet you'll still learn something new, as I did! the checkpoints at the end of each chapter are particularly useful. - Rhonda Steele

IPR protection in China is as challenging as it is confusing. Much of the debate is misdirected at whether there actually is protection, But the question to be asked should be one of "how" not "whether". Businesses have been longing for a practical guide that will enable them to navigate through the complex, dynamic and usually blurred field of IPR protection in this fast developing economy. this long-felt need is now fulfilled by Alan Adcock and Rebecca Or dish in this accomplished book. - S. Sam Li

The sudden and rapid growth of china as an economic super-power has made it a magnet to foreign businesses. At the same time, it has impalement a wide-ranging and complex system of intellectual property laws and structures. Guidance on what the laws are and on the various routes by which they can be implemented is therefore essential. This book meets that need. It is comprehensive, clear and most of all, it is thoroughly pract5ical. it contains numerous references to real examples of problems as well as advice on successes and failures by those trading in this market. It should be read by all who want to trade in China while avoiding the pitfalls. - Professor Sir Hugh Laddie

Companies entering the Chinese market have many things to do working in an unfamiliar environment with different laws and regulations. It is all to easy to forget to protect your intellectual property rights and even easier to think you can do this later when you are first exploring the China market. Written in an easy, readable style, this book contains invaluable advice from the authors who have long experience of operating in the world's most dynamic market. I recommend that you read this book before your first trip to China and don't forget the lessons provided in the book as you enter the market. - Ian Crawford

"The Life and Death of IP in China" could be another name for this book but that would be a disservice. The book covers everything from when IP is a glint in the eye of its creators (R&D or brand creation) to how to avoid the loss of IP rights. Rebecca and Alan have brought their wealth of experience from the day-to-day handling of IP matters in China including case studies and practical tips which I wholeheartedly commend to readers. - Douglas Clark

Rebecca Ordish has over eight years experience advising clients on intellectual property protection and commercialization strategies across Asia, including 4 years on the ground in China. She is currently Senior Intellectual Property Counsel – Asia & Pacific at Cadbury based in Singapore. She regularly presents workshops on strong IP protection strategies for SMEs and other companies.

Alan Adcock has practiced intellectual property law for more than ten years, most of which has been devoted to practice in China and Hong Kong. Appearing consistently in global legal rankings, Alan’s Asia Pacific practice centers mostly on the commercial side with experience in IP due diligence, acquisitions, technology transfer and clinical trial work. Currently, he serves as Deputy Director of Intellectual Property at Tilleke & Gibbins.

Table of Contents


Part I: Dispelling the Myths.

Chapter 1. Acknowledging China's IP Challenge.

Part 2: Entering the China Market.

Chapter 2. Contributing Valuable IP to a Suitable, Newly Set-up Onshore Company.

Chapter 3. Acquiring Chinese Technology.

Chapter 4. The World's Factory: Sourcing From China.

Chapter 5. Identifying IP for Registration and Use in China.

Part 3: Protecting Your IP in the China Market.

Chapter 6. "Your Company": Internal Considerations.

Chapter 7. "Them": External Considerations.

Chapter 8. "What": The Enforcement Toolbox.

Part 4: Looking to the Future.

Chapter 9. Lobbying for Change.

Chapter 10. R&D Centers and technology Transfer in China.

Chapter 11. Sports and IP in China: The Olympic Influence.


320 pages, Hardcover

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