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wydawnictwo: PEARSON , rok wydania 2009, wydanie I

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Exploring Public Relations is the definitive academic text on Public Relations. The first edition, which published in 2006, has sold in its thousands and is now essential reading on courses in PR at undergraduate and postgraduate level. This second edition continues to provide a critical analysis of the subject and a sophisticated blend of theory with real life, and includes many case studies, activity exercises, discussion questions and full colour photographs to illustrate the discussions in the text. There is also updated coverage on globalisation, media relations, and a new chapter on celebrity, to engage students of this exciting subject with the thought processes behind some of the latest PR stunts.

  • Learning outcomes and chapter structures help with navigation through the text
  • 'Think about' boxes encourage critical reflection and class discussion
  • In-depth international case studies provide a global perspective
  • 'Activity boxes' invite you to explore other channels to help your understanding
  • Definitions of key terms throughout the text help unlock the jargon

Table of Contents


PART 1 The Context of Public Relations

Ch 1 Public Relations origins – definitions and history
Ch 2 Management and organisation of Public Relations
Ch 3 Role of the Public Relations practitioner
Ch 4 Media context of contemporary public relations and journalism
Ch 5 Public relations and democracy
Ch 6 Community and society: corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Ch 7 International context of public relations

PART 2 Public relations theories and concepts

Ch 8 Public relations theories: an overview
Ch 9 Public relations as planned communication
Ch 10 Public relations research and evaluation
Ch 11Audiences, stakeholders, publics
Ch 12 Corporate image, reputation and identity
Ch 13 Public relations, propaganda and the psychology of persuasion
Ch 14 Ethics and professionalism in public relations

PART 3 Public relations specialisms

Ch 15 Media relations
Ch 16 Internal communication
Ch 17 Managing community involvement programmes
Ch 18 Issues management
Ch 19 Crisis public relations management
Ch 20 Public relations and the consumer
Ch 21 Business-to-business public relations
Ch 22 Public affairs
Ch 23 Financial Public Relations (FPR)
Ch 24 Public relations for information and communications technologies: principles and planning
Ch 25 Integrated marketing communications
Ch 26 Sponsorship

PART 4 Sectoral considerations

Ch 27 Corporate communication
Ch 28 Campaigning organisations and pressure groups
Ch 29 Public sector communication and social marketing
Ch 30 Arts, leisure and entertainment public relations
Ch 31Celebrity and Public Relations
Ch 32 What next? Future issues for public relations

696 pages, Paperback

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