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wydawnictwo: WOLTERS KLUWER , rok wydania 2012, wydanie I

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Current problems of the penal law and criminology



Rick Aniskiewicz
"Portraits" in the world of organized crime
Genovaite Babachinaite, Brigita Palavinskiene
Most dangerous violence victimization of natural persons in Lithuania
Katarzyna T. Boratyńska
A few remarks on the amendment to the preparatory proceedings
Francis T. Cullen, Jennifer L. Lux, Cheryl Lero Jonson
Assessing the effectiveness of multisystemic therapy: a case study in evidence-based corrections
Adam Czarnota
Post-communist transitional justice, rule of law and corruption of the public sphere
Obi N.I. Ebbe, Charles B.A. Ubah
Kidnapping for ransom in Nigeria
Chris Eskridge
Corruption in the 21st century
Wojciech Filipkowski, Jędrzej Pogorzelski
Technological aspects of the fight against organized crime in the opinion of public prosecutors
Marek Fryták
Realisation of the right to interpretation and translation in Czech criminal proceedings and its possible misuse
Yakov Gilinskiy
Organized crime in contemporary Russia
Jack R. Greene
The new landscape of American policing: prospects, partnerships and pitfalls
Ewa Monika Guzik-Makaruk, Emilia Jurgielewicz
The threat of bribery in the light of public opinion studies in Poland
Hans Joachim Hirsch
Über Strafrechtliche Fragen des Sportrechts
C. Ronald Huff
Transitional justice and convictions based on political repression
Makoto Ida
Alterskriminalität in Japan
Věra Kalvodová
Selected problems of the new Czech Criminal Code
Ewa Kowalewska-Borys, Agnieszka Malarewicz-Jakubów
The presence of media in Polish criminal trial - systematic remarks
Vladimír Kratochvíl
Die Diskussion über Begriff und Auffassung der Straftat in Tschechien ist fortzuführen...
Barry Krisberg
The long and winding road: Juvenile corrections reform in California
Cezary Kulesza
Developments of the European Criminal Justice Systems: defence perspective
Karl-Ludwig Kunz
Strafrechtsmodelle und Gesellschaftsstruktur
Dariusz Kużelewski
Sentencing and healing circles in Canada
Raimo Lahti
Towards internationalization and Europeanization of criminal policy and criminal justice - challenges to comparative research
Klaus von Lampe
Research on transnational organized crime. A review of the scholarly literature
Katarzyna Laskowska
Crime and social pathologies in the Podlaskie Province in the recent years
Jessica C.M. Li, Bill Hebenton
Juveniles' perceptions of police officers in a community policing initiative in Hong Kong
Jianhong Liu
Reporting bicycle theft to the police - assessing Black's theory of law in urban China
Ineke Haen Marshall
Reflections on the place of longitudinal criminal career research in crime theory, research and policy
Mirosława Melezini, Andrzej Sakowicz
Punitiveness of the penal system in Poland
Greg Newbold
New Zealand's "three strikes" law
Magdalena Perkowska
Activities of foreign organized criminal groups in Switzerland
Emil W. Pływaczewski, Zbigniew Rau
Security studies in Poland (with the project entitled "Monitoring, identification, and countering threats to the security of citizens" as an example)
Szilveszter Póczik
Integration problems of the Roma in Europe and Hungary. Exclusion, persecution, deviance, crime and victimization
Peter Rackow
(Rechtliche) Rahmenbedingungen polizeilicher Jugendarbeit
Jerzy Sarnecki
Management by results in police work. A few ideas drawn from Swedish and international research
Rick Sarre
The threat of imprisonment as a weapon in the battle against white-collar crime
Kurt Schmoller
Gesichtsverschleierung im Strafprozess
Hans Joachim Schneider
Die internationale Verbrechensopferforschung - die gegenwärtige Situation aufgrund von 13 internationalen Symposien der "World Society of Victimology"
Bernd Schünemann
Der strafrechtliche Schutz des geistigen Eigentums
Dina Siegel
Cultural criminology
Arndt Sinn
Auf dem Weg zu einem Raum der Freiheit, der Sicherheit und Rechts? - Die Vermeidung von strafrechtlichen Jurisdiktionskonflikten in der Europäischen Union
Diana Summers, Matthew J. Dolliver
Drug use: treatment or punishment? A comparison between Poland and the United States
Szczęsny T. Szymański, Elżbieta Zatyka
Broader protection of public officials in the Polish criminal law
Grażyna B. Szczygieł
Legal instruments intended to guarantee observance of the rights of incarcerated convicts
Charles B.A. Ubah
Organized crime in America: Why it is widely misunderstood
S. George Vincentnathan, Lynn Vincentnathan
Beccaria's theory of crime and punishment versus implications of sociological criminology
Elmar G.M. Weitekamp, Stephan Parmentier
On the road to reconciliation: the attempt to develop a theoretical model which applies restorative justice mechanisms in post-conflict societies
Keiichi Yamanaka
Bemerkungen zum Japanischen Winnyfall - Strafbarkeit des Anbietens von Tausch-Software im Internet
Minoru Yokoyama
Offenses of Japanese corporations against policy for environment
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