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wydawnictwo: PALGRAVE MACMILLAN , rok wydania 2009, wydanie I

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This is his first-hand account of the inner-working of Arafat's regime, the PLO, Fatah and the relationship that allowed Abu Sharif to encourage important strides toward peace. In taking readers behind the scenes of all the major events in thirty years of Middle East politics, Abu Sharif delivers a unique living history of Palestine.

BASSAM ABU SHARIF is a former senior adviser to the late Yasser Arafat and press officer of the PLO. Formerly a member of PFLP, Abu Sharif was dubbed the 'face of terror' by Time Magazine for his role in the 1970 hijackings of four planes that led to Black September. He is the co-author, with former Israeli intelligence officer Uzi Mahnaimi, of Best of Enemies about their roles in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts. A member of the National Council of Palestine, he lives in Amman and Ramallah.

Table of Contents

The Rise of Arafat
Events Leading up to Black September
Arafat's Escape
Reagan's broken Promise
War and Pieces of Palestine
Steadfastness and Confrontation
What Reagan Told Sharon
Walid Jumblatt's Message
A Close Call
Practical Solutions to Impractical Problems
The Soviet Invitation
The Storming of Beirut
Tension with Syria
A Dangerous Journey
Getting the Truth Out
'India Loves You'
A Terrorist in Buckingham Palace
The Handshake
Almost deported
Lost in Translation
Children of the Stones
A Political Bomb
The Abu Sharif Document
Give Peace a Visa
The Difference a Paragraph Can Make
The Ambassador's Lost Opportunity
The Power of an Embrace
Two Wagers
US Trap
Last Minute Modifications
Under Siege
The Final Farewell
Glossary& map

288 pages, Hardcover

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