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wydawnictwo: MCGRAW-HILL , rok wydania 2010, wydanie I

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Bigger, Badder, Better!


A few years back, marketing super-guru Tom Feltenstein in 401 Killer Marketing Tactics rewrote the book on high-impact marketing that works. Fast-forward to today and new technologies, more sophisticated consumers/competitors, and a whole new media landscape have changed all the rules. In response, Feltenstein has upped his game, and in 501 Killer Marketing Tactics, he delivers even MORE sure-fire marketing strategies and tactics that let you outwit, outthink, and outsell the other guy.

Based on case studies of clients ranging from small nonprofits to giants like Coca-Cola and McDonald's, this book delivers tips and tricks on a range of hot topics:

• Planning the Battle--and Choosing the Right Tactics

• eMarketing, Digital Media/Social Networking

• Grand Opening/Reopening and Holidays

• Four Walls Marketing

• Direct Mail and Ads, Coupons and Tear-outs, Event Tie-ins, and Gift Certificates

• Marketing Measurement

No matter what your budget is, you can still wage cutting-edge marketing and promotional campaigns that get the word out about your business, cement the loyalty of your existing customers--and win more new customers than you can handle.

Tom Feltenstein is the CEO and founder of Power Marketing Academy, a leading consulting firm that consults and educates businesses in the industries of retail, hospitality, and service. PMA conducts clinics, seminars, strategy sessions, trainings and speaking events.

A visionary counselor to Fortune 500 companies and franchise organizations, he speaks and holds seminars to over 60 companies a year all over the world.

Prior to his 25 year trajectory as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, he began his career with McDonald's Corporation. He later served as senior vice-president for Bozell, an international multi-billion dollar advertising agency.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Marketing Is A Way of Life;

Chapter 1. Planning the Battle-The Basics;

Chapter 2. How To Choose The Right Tactics;

Chapter 3. 10 Steps Before Launching Any Promotional Tactic;

Chapter 4. Must-Do Basic Tactics;

Chapter 5. Marketing to Your Internal Customer;

Chapter 6. Grand Opening/Reopening Tactics;

Chapter 7. Four Walls Promotions;

Chapter 8. Zone Merchandising Tactics;

Chapter 9. Existing Customers;

Chapter 10. New Customers;

Chapter 11. Promotions for Charities and Churches;

Chapter 12. Civic Tactics;

Chapter 13. Direct Mail and Adds;

Chapter 14. Staff Incentives;

Chapter 15. Tactics for Retailers - Miscellaneous Tactics;

Chapter 16. Cards, Coupons, Tearouts;

Chapter 17. Community Tactics;

Chapter 18. Students and Their Families;

Chapter 19. Leisure Time Tie-Ins;

Chapter 20. Service and Professional Businesses;

Chapter 21. Restaurant, Food-Service, Beverage - Within Your Four Walls;

Chapter 22. Gift Certificates;

Chapter 23. Theme Nights;

Chapter 24. Drive Thru Tactics;

Chapter 25. Outrageous Ideas;

Chapter 26. Nonprofit Tactics;

Chapter 27. Opening Anniveraries;

Chapter 28. Holiday Tactics;

Chapter 29. Thanksgiving-Christmas Tactics;

Chapter 30. Quick College Year Promotions;

Chapter 31. E-Marketing;

Chapter 32. Digital Media Tactics;

Chapter 33. Social Networking Tactics;

Chapter 34. Marketing Measurement Tactics

464 pages, Paperback

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