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wydawnictwo: MCGRAW-HILL , rok wydania 2003, wydanie I

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How can I enhance a team's performance?

How do I improve an individual's

perception? How do I energise? break the ice? improve communication?

Australia's best-selling training author and consultant, Gary Kroehnert, has done it again!

Continuing the successful Training Games series, Gary Kroehnert's 103 Additional Training Games is a collection of totally new activities designed to promote structured workplace learning.

Aimed at both the new and the experienced trainer, 103 Additional Training Games presents a fresh range of inspired learning exercises that can be used in individual or team-training programs.

Game categories include:


Team building


Facilitator/presentation skills

Mid-course energiser

Problem solving





These games are designed to be relevant and unintimidating and are suitable for trainers, facilitators, supervisors, human resource managers, and consultants who wish to expand their collection of proven ideas and learning exercises.


103 games which are suitable for a wide variety of training programs in small and large companies, private and public organisations.

Games are self-contained, so each provides its own aims, instructions, list of materials (where needed) and space for personal notes.

Icons easily identify each game type, enabling users to quickly locate games suited to their particular training needs.

Games material can be copied for use as overheads, handouts or data projection.

A handy matrix readily identifies the suggested applications for each game, enabling users to tailor a training program

188 pages

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